Data Analytics

Antean uses our expertise in data analytics to assist agencies in gaining a true understanding of their operations, which enables them to make informed decision. Our subject matter experts (SMEs) quickly and effectively identify patterns in data, identify and articulate complex phenomena and relationships within and between data sets, and devise data analytic and reporting solutions that meet customer needs. Our SMEs employ a vast array of tools, techniques and methodologies to produce the optimal solutionsto problems. Our expertise includes all areas within the data analyticsrealm:

Data Science

Our staff’s expertise in big data extraction, data mining, data integration, data management, machine learning, and statistical and mathematical methods and techniques enable us to help agencies manage and extract the maximum value out of their data. Our SMEs include engineers, programmers, statisticians, and other,who collectively leverage tools to devise customized approachesand solutions to data and system issues. At Antean we:

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