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Antean Team’s Experiences

Our Executive Team

Sia Floyd


Sia has a meticulous mind in managing business, developing talent, and bringing true value to customers. As President, she oversees all aspects of Antean Technology. With a wide range of experience in the Cybersecurity space, Sia’s primary expertise is in Security Governance & Compliance and Project Management. Sia has consulted with DoD, Federal agencies and commercial clients. Her desire to ensure Antean’s clients are satisfied is matched only by her determination to deliver services that enable those clients to realize success.

Sean R. Floyd

Chief Operating Officer

Sean Floyd brings more than 15 years of experience to Antean Technology. He has technical, consulting and management experience in Cybersecurity and Information Technology. As Antean’s Chief Operating Officer, Sean manages business development and operations for Antean Technology. Sean has consulted with several commercial clients, Federal agencies and institutions of higher education.

Antean Technology Capabilities Overview


Advancing your mission through our proactive and holistic cyber approach: fortifying defenses and optimizing cyber readiness and efficiencies.

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